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Sama doha Real-Estate Tips
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Sama Doha Group is a specialized entity in Real Estate Marketing, have designed this website to be among the pioneers website in State of Qatar for Real Estate Marketing. One click only is required by a user to reach his objective through the searching engine; that will present the available choices as required. This is to say goodbye to the conventional way in searching news papers which consumes much time and efforts, while our website enables you to search by price, area and specification, in addition to photos to reach your target immediately.



Users are two types:

  • Real Estate offices users, who should register through contacting Sama Doha office with fixed monthly fees and endless numbers of Ads.
  •  Landlords (Owners, Advertisers) users, who need to advertise the properties. Each Ad can be either free or payable “same shall be elaborated later in the way of payment”.


Real Estate Offices

Displays numbers of registered real estate offices in the website, as each office can display endless numbers of properties Ads.

Real estate offices to open account through contacting Sama Doha Group office and not through the website.

The Ad shall display detailed data “phone numbers and addresses of the advertising company”.

After obtaining the password as a real estate office, the office can do the following:

  • Can add endless Properties Ads against fixed monthly fees.
  • Ad validity is 3 months renewable (if required).
  • Office Ads are displayed during the property searching process.
  • The Real Estate office is unrestricted to add or delete any advertisement at any time through the website.


Adding Property Ad in the website

Ads in the website are two types Free and Payable:

Ads shall be displayed by the permission of the website administrator within 24 hours.

Without prior notice, the website management has the right to cancel any Ad deviates from the provisions set by the website administration.


Payable Ad:

An account to be created through the website in order to add the Ad, payments can be made either by Credit Banking Cards via the website or by contacting our representatives, who will take an appropriate photo of the property, collect the advertisement fees and launch it in the website immediately with following characteristics:

  • Ad validity is three months.
  • Payable Ad displays the numbers and address details of the advertiser.
  • Many Ads could be added by the same user.
  • The payable Ad shall be displayed in the top of each searching results in a significant way.
  • Once validity of an Ad is expired it turns automatically to be recognized among the free ones.
  • Payable Ad shall be displayed showing: (Property type, specifications, many photos of the property and detailed data of the property).


Free Ad:

That Sama Doha Group is a property marketing company and has an expert team of marketing we initiated a free way for marketing your properties, every user can add free Ad in the website. Sama Doha shall take the responsibility of the property marketing through the group representative; our team shall contact the advertiser once customer is secured.

This Ad has the following characteristics: 

  • Ad validity is three months.
  • Many Ads could be added by the same user.
  • The Ad displays Sama Doha Group contact details only.
  • Free Ad shall be displayed showing: (Property type, specifications, many photos of the property and detailed data of the property).
  • Free Ad can be changed to payable via My Property – Edit Property in the control panel or contacting Sama Doha Group.



Displays cities available in the country, properties are classified by areas within the city.

Each area attached to a specific city has all types of properties (Villas, Flats, Offices, Companies, Lands, Labour Accommodations and Stores) and displaying number of existing Ads in each one.

Visitor can search manually for any property through the cities.


Property Price Average

  Shows price average of Ads properties by area.


Log In

Upon the registry in the website, My Account shall be displayed which includes:

  • Profile: User data, user can add or modify any data or adding logo.
  • Add Property: User can add endless Ads.
  • My Property: User can manage, view and modify the Ads.
  • My Favorite: User can classify Ads in the Favorite for easy and fast reference.
  • Transaction: User can track the financial deals.
  • Logout.